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I wasn’t getting what i needed from the built in SCCM SSRS Reports. Admins were asking for it to be made easier to understand how bad the number of outstanding updates were for the systems they have ownership of. For example, how many of the outstanding updates are 0-30 days old or 60+ days old. Continue reading “SCCM Report to group number of outstanding updates, for a collection, in 30 day intervals” »

So we came across this when attempting a “Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase” powershell command to mount a mailbox database copy in our DAG. We have a powershell script that mounts all DBS on one exchange server so we can do maintenance on the other.  Continue reading “Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase Error: Content index catalog files in the following state: ‘Failed’ Exchange 2010” »

So you created a new Exchange 2010 Mailbox Database but all mailbox users you move to or create in this database cannot send or receive mail on their Blackberry device?  Permissions, permissions, permissions… Continue reading “Cannot send or receive mail on Blackberry Device for mailbox on newly created Exchange 2010 Database” »

Hey, Ben here. I’m sitting at home today nursing a poorly baby with a fever so i thought i’d throw this quick article together out on how to use Microsoft ICACLS to set folder/file permissions using AppSense Environment Manager. ICACLS is a neat tool included in Windows 7/Server 2008 OS that allows you to view and modify the access control lists for files and folders on your NTFS file system.

We use ICACLS all of the time in our environment, especially when introducing new users to the system for the first time. We use it to build home drives and setup their personalized user environment PUE..thats neat..PUE..just made that acronym up! 🙂

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Ok, so normally I research things to the point of infinite boredom but today I took an unexpectedly different approach to Windows 8. I thought, come on, lets just do it.

Windows 8 - Here we come

Obviously all my data was backed up to an external disk so for the first time ever I decided to trust Microsoft and just go for it and do an in-place upgrade.

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Disable Windows Offline Files with AppSense Environment Manager? Easy Hey? Well, in a nutshell, yes. We had a bit of bother trying to work out why this wouldn’t work just by setting the GPO. We had to do some jazzy things with the Offline Files Service or CSC (Client Side Caching). Let me show you how it works in our environment.

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