Ok, so we want to capture users Taskbar/Start Menu and Toolbar Information on Windows 7? There are 2 ways to do this, either use the in built “Desktop Settings” option to capture the information automatically or hive the items and reg keys out manually with policy. We are going to personalize these settings using reg hive and folder copy actions. At the current time of writing this blog there is no conditional flag (AppSense feature team please can we have one) that can be set on session data or desktop settings. You either have it on or off for your personalization group and we need the conditional flexibility for our environment.

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AppSense Environment Manager can help you migrate an XP User to Windows 7 very easily and seemlessly. For various reasons, partly due to how our desktop estate was configured horribly historically,  we decided to export our Windows XP users “Vital” settings using a simple script. We have to visit each user anyway to give them new hardware and because we are very customer centric we give them about half an hour overview on their new Windows 7 PC…because we care 🙂

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Ok, let the head scratching begin. Seriously, get your finger nails sharpened cause the head scratching is about to get good. Let me frame the story..

Some very nice people at AppSense helped us with our initial EM policy a good while ago now. Our policy has since had more makeovers than a channel 4 house mum but the original ground work was good. We were doing some clever things to get the User Pinned Start Menu and Task-bar items to follow the user. Basically hiving in/out some reg keys and doing some folder synchronization at login/logoff. Continue reading “Migrating Desktop Settings from Policy into the AppSense EM Database” »

Lets set the scene..You are rolling out hundreds of PCs with Windows 7 and you want all the agents preinstalled..naturally. Well the AppSense Environment Manager Agent is no exception.

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Disable Windows Offline Files with AppSense Environment Manager? Easy Hey? Well, in a nutshell, yes. We had a bit of bother trying to work out why this wouldn’t work just by setting the GPO. We had to do some jazzy things with the Offline Files Service or CSC (Client Side Caching). Let me show you how it works in our environment.

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Ok, so I have a little obsessive compulsion when it comes to cleaning up old config files that are no longer needed. I notice the msi files build up a fair amount in the “%ProgramFiles%\AppSense\Management Center\Communications Agent\download” directory. I wanted to delete any files that are older than 30 days ( I figured I would never have to roll back any further than 30 days..gamble I know.)

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Well, today it was brought to my attention that we weren’t personalizing Internet Explorer Trusted Sites..woops. But as we are still rolling out AppSense I forgave myself. We added the following registry key to our Application Group “Internet_Explorer” under the Registry Tab – Includes (see image below)

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