So you need to reboot your Mitel controller but don’t fancy hanging around until 2am to do it (despite the overtime). Your friend is the “Programmed Reboot” maintenance command.

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Want to find what directory numbers are in use on your Mitel 3300? Consider this..being the company¬†Mitel 3300 administrator, you get a call from the Service Desk. “Mr Bond wants 007 extension number allocated to his new BYOD watch please”. Here is a quick way to tell if that directory number is already in use on your PBX. Continue reading “How to find what numbers are in use on a Mitel 3300” »

Fairly basic thing right? Right! Open a web browser and point it to the IP Address of your Mitel 3300. Depending on the version you are running (because this route has change a few times between the MCD versions you want to find “Maintenance¬†Commands”.

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Ok, so this happens fairly infrequently but the following command is useful for when it does – it saves having to reboot the controller. You either get one or more voicemail ports lock up and this manifests itself normally when your users stat to complain that they cant dial into voicemail. If your voicemail group is set as a Terminal group and it is the first port that is locked/crashed it is easy to identify when there is a problem – because your helpdesk gets pummeled by frustrated users.

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