Configure Managed Google Play for Intune

Before you can start using Android Enterprise Work Profiles, or enroll your Android Devices into Intune, you have to link Managed Googled Play.
Google Managed Play allows you to select, purchase, and manage apps for your organization. You can create lists of approved apps and manage updates.

This quick post will guide you through creating an account for Google Managed Play, configuring it for Intune and adding some apps from the Managed Google Play store into your Intune Client Apps Catalog.


You will need a Google Account to complete the setup of Managed Google Play. For the following post, we:-

  1. Created a Google Account for Managed Play
  2. Opened our Default Browser (Intune will launch a new window, in the Default Browser, to setup Managed Google Play)
  3. Logged in to the Google Account

Note: If you are signed into a personal Google Account in your default browser, this account will be used to link Managed Google Play to Intune

Configuring Managed Google Play for Intune

1 . Connect to

2 . Select Device enrollment

Select Device enrollment

3 . Select Android enrollment

Select Android enrollment

4 . Select Managed Google Play

Select Managed Google Play

6 . Select I Agree (Learn More about the data Intune sends to Google)

Select I Agree

7 . Click Launch Google to Connect Now (You proxy must allow access to

Click Launch Google to Connect Now

8 . Select Get Started

9 . Enter your Business name and click Next

Enter your Business name

10 . If you are in the EU, and adhere to GDPR guidelines, enter the contact details of the Data Protection Officer and EU Representative (This information can be entered at a later date

Enter GDPR Contact Details

11 . Agree to the Terms and Conditions for Managed Google Play set out at

Agree to the Managed Google Play Terms

12 . Click Complete Registration

Complete Registration

13 . Switch back to your Intune Window to view the completed Managed Google Play setup

Managed Google Play Setup Complete

Next Steps

Now we have configured Managed Google Play, our Android enrollment options become available

Android enrollment options are now available

We can now add Managed Google Play apps from the Client Apps blade. Lets look at this in some more detail

Adding Managed Google Play Apps to Intune

1 . Select Client apps > Apps

Select Client apps > Apps

2 . Select + Add

Select Apps

3 . From the App type drop down box, select Managed Google Play

Select Managed Google Play

4 . Select Approve

Select Approve

5 . In the Search box, type the name of the app you want to add and click the Blue Search Icon

Note: The client you are working from will need access to the Google Play Store

Search for the app from Google Play

6 . Select the App

Select the App

7 . Select Approve

8 . Acknowledge what Device Information the app will have access to and Select Approve

Select Approve

9 . Choose how to handle new app permission changes, how to be notified of these changes and Select Save

Choose how to handle new app permission changes and Select Save

10 . Select Ok

Select Ok

11 . Select Sync to import the app into the Client App catalog

Select Sync

After a few moments, the app will be available in Client apps

App is now available in Client apps

Next Steps

This concludes setting up Managed Google Play for Intune. Our next steps will be:-

  1. Create an App Protection Policy (recommended)
  2. Create an App Configuration Policy (optional)
  3. Assign the app (required)
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1 thought on “Configure Managed Google Play for Intune”

  1. I bought an app from managed playstore. The app only available in certain countries.

    If i push the app (which is not available in that country) to the device, it stuck at install pending.

    If i publish the app as available, i don’t see it in managed playstore.

    Is this the correct behavior?


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