Intune Conditional Access – Policy Documentation Template

Being able to document your configuration changes in Office 365 is just as important as documenting changes in your traditional on premises systems. The Azure blade layout brings a nice fluidity to making changes but it creates a real challenge for those of us seeking to document the changes we make.

I have made available the template that I use to document the changes in the Intune Conditional Access blade. I have included some sample data for the “Users and Groups” Pick Lists but all other lists are valid at the time of writing this post. Copying List boxes is always a challenge in Excel so if you can think of a better way of documenting Conditional Access Policies – I am all ears.




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1 thought on “Intune Conditional Access – Policy Documentation Template”

  1. Well done really easy to use and giving us a perfect view of all settings this template will remove all excuses for documenting CA policies in the future

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