Windows 8 – Here we come

Ok, so normally I research things to the point of infinite boredom but today I took an unexpectedly different approach to Windows 8. I thought, come on, lets just do it.

Windows 8 - Here we come

Obviously all my data was backed up to an external disk so for the first time ever I decided to trust Microsoft and just go for it and do an in-place upgrade.

Quite easy actually. I did a “systemcleanup” afterwards to dump my “Windows.Old” directory which was still hogging most of my small SSD space and I am now confronted with tiles…lots of tiles.

In an attempt to make things easier it takes maybe an hour or so to start linking all of your accounts together and converting your local login to your MS Passport login but after that things started to settle down. MS even managed to pull my wife’s pop3 yahoo account into windows mail..something we have never been able to do with her yahoo account before.

So, first impressions…bit cumbersome to walk around the tiles and try to customize them but at the flick of a button you can switch straight back to your desktop. I’m not sure I like how IE integrates into the windowless tablet interface but like warts they may grow on me.

I see Windows 8 advertised for £49 on other websites but I downloaded it direct from MS for £24.99 and once I initiated the install package I got to choose to have the media for an extra £14.99 (edited) £12.99..still about a tenner cheaper than going anywhere else. Link below:-

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