Windows 10 1809 – Basic WIM Optimization and Offline Servicing with SCCM

My good friend Leon over at posed a topic over chat re: Offline Servicing a WIM with SCCM. Not having looked at this before, I thought I would take the time to consider it for the new Windows 10 1809 WIM used in our OSD Task Sequences.  This post […]

Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module

Quick post this afternoon on how to install the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module. The latest version in the PowerShell Gallery at the time of writing this post is 0.9.5. More info on this module can be found at  Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module5 (100%) 1 vote

Modify OneDrive Site Admins with PowerShell

In our previous post Office 365 – Access a Users OneDrive Folder we looked at giving an Admin access to a users OneDrive files. In this post we will focus on adding and removing Site Admins, on a users Personal SharePoint Site (OneDrive), using PowerShell. First we will need to connect to […]

Connect to SharePoint Online using PowerShell

So you want to do some PowerShell stuff in SharePoint Online. You will need the “SharePoint Online Global Administrator” permission to perform the connection. Before we do that, lets check if we have the SharePoint Online Management Shell already installed. 1. Launch PowerShell in Administrative mode and run:-

2. […]

Office 365 – Access a Users OneDrive Folder

I thought I would dig a little deeper on this cool little feature in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Administrators are able to select a user and “Access” that users OneDrive files. Cool for a number of scenarios, so Microsoft believe to create this feature, but it does comes with […]


Intune Conditional Access – Policy Documentation Template

Being able to document your configuration changes in Office 365 is just as important as documenting changes in your traditional on premises systems. The Azure blade layout brings a nice fluidity to making changes but it creates a real challenge for those of us seeking to document the changes we […]

ESXi Host Slow Boot stuck on vmw_satp_alua

So I came across this recently while upgrading ESXi hosts. Part of the phased migration to vSphere 6.7 was to get our ESXi hosts from version 5.5 to version 6.0. The normal applied, evacuate the vms using DRS, put it in maintenenace mode, attach the ESXi 6.0 baseline upgrade, remediate […]

Intune Android Device Compliance Template

One of the challenges I have found when using Intune for Device Compliance is being able to easily document changes to satisfy internal change control policies. I have created a template in Excel, using Pick Lists where possible, to document the Device Compliance Profiles in Intune This Template is for […]

O365 – How to add a smtp address using PowerShell

So you are on-boarding user mailboxes to Exchange Online and your user does not have a <domain> smtp address. STOP. Your mailbox migration will fail without it. (Maybe you know this and this is why you are here 🙂 ) If you used the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard, by default, […]

Signing PowerShell Scripts for an SCCM App Detection Method

In this blog post we will look at signing the PowerShell scripts we use in the “App Detection Method” when distributing apps with ConfigMgr. The PowerShell Execution Policy can be modified in Client Settings to allow ConfigMgr to execute unsigned scripts. If your environment needs to be a bit tighter […]