How to Reset or Shutdown a Mitel 3300 Controller

Fairly basic thing right? Right! Open a web browser and point it to the IP Address of your Mitel 3300. Depending on the version you are running (because this route has change a few times between the MCD versions you want to find “Maintenance Commands”.

To issue a reboot (otherwise know as a warm reset) enter the following command and press “Submit”

Now this options does not restart the controller, only the callserver. To reboot the APC you will need to do this via the server manager (not covered in this topic)

To issue a shutdown of the controller, enter the following command and press “Submit”

I like to have a raw session on port 2002 open at the same time so I can see what the VM is doing as it shutsdown. The display tells you that you can cycle the power button after 60seconds – I like to leave it a few minutes just to make sure the shutdown has completed fully and cleanly.

Flip your power button/s on the back of the controller off for 10seconds and then flick them back on again. If you have a large estate give the system at least 15mins to come up before you start to panic, all the handsets need to check back in again and this is alot of IP traffic to deal with for a poor 3300 that has just been switched on from cold.

How to Reset or Shutdown a Mitel 3300 Controller

How to Reset or Shutdown a Mitel 3300 Controller

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7 thoughts on “How to Reset or Shutdown a Mitel 3300 Controller”

  1. I’ve got to try this soon, but what worries me is a have an 3300 MXe and the help file says: “This command has no affect on the MXe Server. For an MXe Server, you must log into the server manager and perform a shutdown.”

    We don’t have a server manager

    1. Hi Ryan, The above command will still reboot your controller but there are some hardware resources that do not get reset unless the system is hard rebooted or done via server manager. Issuing a “Shutdown” command is just as effective, you’ll just need to be on site to flip the rocker switch on the back of your MXe after it has been powered down for 60 seconds. Depending on your DB size it can take anywhere between 15mins and half an hour before the system is fully up again. *The help file is not always very helpful in my experience*.

  2. Like most companies, our MITEL 3300 is on a UPS (an APC 5KVA unit). Great you say!


    What happens if the power fails?

    Eventually the battery will get low and the MITEL 3300 needs to be shudown.

    How to do this remotely with scripts or similar?

    APC has agents that can shutdown Windows/Linux/VMware etc

    How to do this with MITEL?

    I can’t be the only person to ask this question.



  3. Hi Graham,

    Good point raised. Firstly, I am not aware of a way to programatically reboot the 3300 using 3rd party scripts. A simple solution would be to setup some kind of GSM/SMTP alert when the power fails. Depending on the autonomy of the UPS and what kit you have loaded will depend on how long your engineer has to dial in and shut the controller down. If you want a belt and braces approach stick the 3300 on a dedicated UPS with enough battery to allow your engineers to remotely shut it down.

    You can issue commands via the engineer/SX-2000 interface (Telnet port 2002) but you would somehow need to simulate the username/password interaction required. I am not sure what the shutdown command would be..perhaps “shutdown” 🙂 We use this telent console to restart crashed voicemail ports.

    We always schedule a full FTP Backup of the config every week – so – in the case of power failure etc, if the box came back up spluttering we could always (with a few beads of sweat and cups of coffee) get back to square one.

    Sorry, no definitive answer for me on scripting a reboot/shutdown of a 3300 controller.

    PS. As Mitel are now support virtual MCD/3300 one would assume that you can also install VMTOOLS on that virtual box. That being the case, you can initiate a guest shutdown via vcentre if your host is aware of a power down.

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