AppSense MSI Cleanup

Ok, so I have a little obsessive compulsion when it comes to cleaning up old config files that are no longer needed. I notice the msi files build up a fair amount in the “%ProgramFiles%\AppSense\Management Center\Communications Agent\download” directory. I wanted to delete any files that are older than 30 days ( I figured I would never have to roll back any further than 30 days..gamble I know.)

Here is how I done it with my fav Microsoft executable..Robocopy

1. Using AppSense Environment Manager, Create a folder called “tmp” in “%ProgramFiles%\AppSense\Management Center\Communications Agent\download”

2. Under this action, create a custom Execute Action set to “Run as System” with the following attributes:-

a) Filename: %SystemRoot%\System32\Robocopy.exe

b) Working Directory: %SystemRoot%\System32

c) Command Line:

d) Select “Do not execute children of this action until the process has exited”

e) Select “Do not create window (console based applications)

AppSense MSI Cleanup

3. Now create an action (set to Run as System) to delete the tmp folder “%ProgramFiles%\AppSense\Management Center\Communications Agent\download\tmp

The newly created action should look similar to the screenshot below:-

AppSense MSI Cleanup Action

Voila, any MSI older than 30 days is nuked from orbit “Its the only way to be sure” – Ripley

You can replace the “minage” variable in robocopy if you want to increase/decrease the number of days to keep an MSI. I run this as a shutdown action. Happy MSI destroying.

AppSense MSI Cleanup

AppSense MSI Cleanup

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